May Newsletter - What to see in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi area)

If you are in Sochi, then, first, we advise you to stay in Krasnaya Polyana. Not in Sochi, not Adler, not in Rosa Khutor, but in in Krasnaya Polyana. Preferably somewhere in the back of the village, in the area of The Velia hotel. Fantastic mountain views, clean air and lots of interesting places are situated around. Among the musts  ia  dinner at the restaurant Old Boys. It`s not easy to get to the place, but it's worth it! You can`t go to top of the mountain, where the restaurant is hidden, on a heavy motorcycle, and it's not worth it, better drink homemade beer on the spot (guys brew excellent beer!). The easiest option is to call them and ask to meet you. Down at Medvezhy ugol a "buhanka", will be waiting for you, which will take you to the most extraordinary place in the mountains in one piece.

The second obligatory point is the rise in Rosa Khutor at the height of 1170 m on "Rosa Plateau". There`s a beautiful serpentine road, good pavement, the ride is a pleasure. If you didn't rise to the top of "Rose Peak" at the height of 2320 meters, it is necessary to leave the motorcycle on the plateau (you will not be allowed to go higher and there is nowhere to go, in fact, the road ends right after the plateau), and go to the top in the booth. It's not a cheap story, but once it's worth it.



The third and, in our opinion, the most interesting experience, which you can get in Krasnaya Polyana, is the trip on the old Krasnaya Polyana road. It starts from Kapsha and ends at the village of Monastyr. The road length is about 5 km. The road is short, but very scenic. Crumbling stones, branches, holes and absolute silence, as there`s no one but you there. Definitely it`s worth going there, just carefully and understanding all the risks. To get on this road, you need to go from Krasnaya Polyana to Adler/Sochi along the old highway (doubler) , near Kapsha after the bridge over the Akhtsu river, go to the left down the dirt road. An old cemetery remains to the right and that  very road starts right there.



















































The fourth item on our program is the Psakho canyons, the Church of St. George the Victorious and the Trinity-Georgievsky Female Monastery. First it is better to go to the Church and monastery, and leave the canyon until later, especially taking into consideration that you can't go there on a motorcycle, you have to leave it  on the top and go on foot. It`s not a short walk, about an hour, but it's worth it. Please note, you need the dry canyon, there's the wet one as well, so it's not that. On the way to the canyon somewhere on the fourth mile, you will see Alpine meadows and a few farms on the left. Leva lives on the nearest one,  you can buy fresh milk from him. He also can take you back up if you don't have the energy to go back.



















The last item of our krasnopolyanskaya story. Right after the descent from the village of Luch-2 and Kazachy Brod to the old Krasnopolyanskoe highway , there is a trout farm where you can buy fantastically  tasty fish, fresh or smoked. Take what you like and go back to Krasnaya Polyana, here in the main street there are several points where they sell beer. Buy yourself a little for the evening, if you have visited all of what we have advised above, then you`ve  just earned that.

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