Frequently asked questions - FAQ - about traveling in Russia by motorcycle

General questions about Russia

  1. Russia is a north country, is it very cold there?

Russia definitely is not the warmest country in the world, but not very cold as well. Comfortable weather for moto tours in the central part of the country (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg) lasts for approx. five months – from May till September. In the south, in Sochi and Crimea it's warm from March and till November.

We planned all our routes taking this into consideration. The average temperature won’t fall lower than +10-15 degrees.

  1. Is it difficult to get a visa?

No, it’s not. Partucilarly in recent times as Russian government now considers tourism as very perspective industry and simplifies rules and regulations. Rules are becoming less strict for visa application process but visa is still required. You have to apply for visa in the nearest Visa Center. Such centers are located all over the Europe, in USA, Asia. You can find the nearest Center here (Italy as an example, choice your country).

The following documents are required for visa:

  • Application form
  • Invitation
  • Passport
  • Insurance for the time of your stay in Russia
  • Photo (in color with light background in size 3.5 x 4.5)
  • Bank account statement (required only in some countries)

We will help you to fill the application form, make for you invitation and insurance. You have to make photo and visit Visa Center with your passport. At the place you will be required to pay visa and service payments in the amount of 50-70 Euro (depends on the country). On average it takes 5-10 days to receive visa. 

  1. Is it safe in Russia?

Travelling in Russia is as safe as travelling in any other European country. If you join us in one of our tours you will later tell your friends and relatives about amazing kindness and hospitability of Russian people.

  1. Do you have bears walking in the streets?

Yea, bears, wolfs, Amur tigers and wild boars…))) No, don’t believe this stories!


Preparing for an adventure

  1. What documents do I need?

You need the following documents

  • Passport
  • Driving license with motorcycle category and driving experience enough to participate in such a tour
  • Extended medical insurance with sports coverage (including riding motorcycles)

      2. How can I reach your office?

We are located in Russia, Moscow, 1-st Borodinskaya Street, 2A. You can see map in Contacts

  1. Can I join your group on my bike?

Yes, it’s possible. In each tour it is indicated what will be the price if you rent a bike from us or drive on your own.

  1. Can you meet me near the border if I am just travelling over the Europe and have an idea to make a short tour to Russia?

That’s not a standard option for us. Please write us a letter and we will discuss your case

  1. I am not very experienced in motorcycle travelling, do I need special trainings?

Prepare for an exciting adventure, we will do all the preparations for you. One day before the tour there will be 2-hours tour briefing with details regarding

  • The tour
  • Driving rules on highways and in the city
  • Our motorcycles

After briefing we can make test drive to try motorcycles and to get used to Moscow traffic

  1. I am not in very good physical condition and afraid to slow down the group. Can I join the group?

You don't need special training activity. Still be prepared to ride and stay on foot for 10-12 hours a day to enjoy rich program we prepared for you.

  1. I would like to take some extra time to get used to motorcycles. Can I take it in advance for trial/test trip?

The day before the tour, after signing all the documents and taking motorcycles, we can make several trial/test trips around the Moscow to test motorcycles.

  1. Where can I leave my luggage that I am not going to take with me in the tour?

You can leave all your things in our office.

  1. What clothes and accessories I need during the tour?

After booking the tour, depending on the tour and month, we will send you a list of minimum recommended clothes and other accessories to take with you. You will have enough time to carefully prepare and pack your luggage. But don’t take too much, leave space for memorable souvenirs that you will buy during the tour.

  1. What riding gear do I need?

You need full riding gear – pants and jacket, helmet and motorcycle boots, gloves, clothes with the windstopper material.

  1. How much money do I need to take with me?

We suggest you to take cash in the amount of 50-70 Euro per one day of the tour for meals, souvenirs and entertainments. For most of the tours 500-1000 Euro will be more than enough.

  1. Can you help with visa?

We can send you the invitation voucher and help you fill the application form. You have to apply for visa personally with mentioned above pack of documents.


About the group for the tour

  1. How many people there will be in the group?

Usually there are 5-8 people in the group.

  1. What if there are not enough people in the group?

If we have not enough people for the tour we will, either suggest to start the tour with small extra pay, either to cancel the tour and choose another one.

  1. Who are our guides? Do they have enough experience?

Our guides have solid experience in moto travelling, they personally visited all places we go during our tours, know the English language, have first aid help skills and technical knowledge and expertise to solve issues during the tour. And for sure they perfectly know Russia – history, traditions, culture.

  1. What is the average age of people in the group?

We focus on people of 30-50 years old. Minimum age requirements for the tour are 25 years old and more than two years of driving experience.​

That’s why in the group with 90% probability there will be no people before 30 but with very high probability you will meet interesting people from other countries and continents.

  1. Can I ride with a passenger?

Yes you can. You can see prices for passengers in tour descriptions..

  1. Can I get acquainted with other people from the group before the adventure?

Yes, for sure. We will make a group at facebook and besides there will be a welcome dinner the day before the departure with a kick-off.


About the routes, short-term stays, overnight stays and other organizational arrangements

  1. Have you travelled all these tours by yourself?

We are offering only those routes that we have personally traveled so we are sure of the location of each turn, hotel, historically important place or tourist attraction.

  1. In what cases, the route can be changed?

There are a few such cases:

  • There is road-repair work going on our way, so we need to go around it
  • Mutual group's decision to cancel a visit to some attraction in favor of other;
  • Unforeseen situations, for example, in case of a wheel's puncture or damage, technical failure (technical equipment works reliably, but failures happen sometimes), traffic accident, poor health condition of one of the group’s members. We, therefore, ask for your understanding in case of such circumstances. We will do our best to minimize them and to respond quickly

In most cases we will not sacrifice the key points of the tour and guarantee the opportunity to see exactly historical or cultural monuments we planned to see and visit the nature reserves and beautiful natural places we intended to visit.

  1. How often we have breaks during riding and where we live during the tour?

We make stops every 150-250 km. We spend the nights in hotels or ecologically friendly hotels (eco-hotels) along the itinerary that have booked in advance. Most hotels are 3-4*.

  1. Is it possible to take a tent and a fishing rod with me?

You can bring your tent but you won't actually need it as we spend all nights in hotels. Fishing gear can always be rented in a place where we will stay for fishing (Astrakhan, Karelia).

  1. I liked one place during the ride, can we make a stop to take pictures?

We love to make nice photos and that’s why there will be a lot of beautiful places where we have breaks.

Spontaneous stops are possible if everyone in the group is ok with it. But we don’t recommend to worry about this, there will be plenty of nice places to make photos.

  1. How do we communicate with each other, when we are riding motorcycles?

All helmets are equipped with a hands free communication system to ensure clear communication from guide to guest and between guests. This allows us to easily communicate and coordinate our movements appropriately during the trip.

Phone numbers of our guides and Moscow office, as well as emergency services contacts you will have on the leaflets that we will give you before the tour.

  1. Do you have maintenance car following the group during the tour?

In most tours we have support car.

  1. In what hotels we will stay?

We selected various hotels for each of our tours – from luxury 5 stars branded hotels to private eco-houses, private villas and author hotels. Mostly we will stay at good 3-4* hotels.

By default we suggest double room accommodation, if you need single room please write us in advance.


About the unexpected situations during the tour

  1. What if I get into an accident?

We pay great attention to safety, follow road regulations and never risk – we expect the same approach in riding from you. Still sometimes accidents happen and we must be ready for such turn.

In case of an accident without injuries:

  • If a motorcycle is ok, than one guide will stay with the client and fill all required documents for insurance and police. If it was our clients fault its necessary to compensate repair costs. If it was another driver fault he will pay for the damage. The rest of the group continues the tour and client + guide will overtake them later after filing all the necessary documents
  • If a motorcycle is seriously damaged and its other driver fault client can, either continues the tour as a passenger with someone else, or take guides bike and go on riding himself. Motorcycle will be transported to the nearest service station and the second guide will overtake the group later
  • If a motorcycle is seriously damaged and it’s our client's fault, we arrange transportation of motorcycle and client back to Moscow. Tour ends, money are not refunded. Insurance and clients deposit if necessary will be used to repair motorcycle.

In case of an accident with health injuries:

  • First medical help will be provided. If necessary we call ambulance and arrange transportation to the hospital. One guide will stay with the client, help him in all aspects. Fills the documents, provides information support. Group with the second guide continues the tour. We do everything to resolve the situation in our client best interests.
  1. What we do if we get into bad weather, heavy rain for example?

In most cases, we will continue our tour. The high-quality touring gear protects you from rain and wind and allows you to ride in any weather. We suggest you to wear BMW Ralley 3 suit or it’s analogs from other brands. The BMW Ralley 3 suit also has warm liner. We also recommend that you bring your raincoats and waterproof motorcycle rain boot covers.

In case the weather is terrible and we can’t ride will adjust the rout..

  1. What if I feel sick during your tour?

The guide, who leads your group, closely monitors the health of each participant of the motorcycle tour. If you become sick or injured during the tour, the guide will provide first aid or medicine to you. The guide will carry a large medical bag with him.

In case of heavy injuries / you are feeling really bad one guide will go with you to the hospital for professional medical assistance. The second guide will continue the tour with the group.

  1. With what types of chronic diseases you do not recommend to go on a tour?

Going on a tour you should be realistic about your health and your abilities. We do not conduct a medical examination and do not require health certificates. Your health is your responsibility and our concern. We hope that you will give due consideration to this issue. If you have a chronic illness, please notify us at the time of booking the tour.


Our motorcycles

  1. What motorcycles do we ride?

We offer for rent BMW GS series motorcycles of 2011-2014. All motorcycles are in excellent condition.

You can choose from three models:

  • R 1200 GS Adventure
  • R 1200 GS
  • F 700 GS

All motorcycles have trunks, protection and other important accessories. Upon request we can give you navigation system.

  1. Why only BMW GS?

Invented more than 30 years ago, BMW GS series is still the best motorcycle for long distance travel. These motorcycles are designed for travel, both off-road and on pavement. They are equipped with spacious trunks, reliable and well-managed. All models are equipped with ABS, ESA, pressure and oil sending units and so on.


Terms and conditions for tour booking and cancellation

  1. What is the booking policy? How much do I need to pay to book place in a tour?

You have to pay 30% deposit to book a place in the tour. Full price of the tour must be paid two months before the tour starts. For more details please read General Terms and Conditions section on our website here. The only exception is the Trans-Siberian Tour - advanced payment is required at least 4 months in advance and its not refundable. 

  1. How can we make group booking?

Please contact us through the website or our Facebook page to discuss your case (group size, dates). We will send you requisites for payment.

  1. What if something happened and I can’t go on a tour? Do you refund money paid?

Please see cancellation policy in General Terms and Conditions section on our website here.  

  1. What is the price of the riding gear rent?

It depends on what exactly you need, availability, duration and other factors. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you more information about gear rent options.

  1. Do you take insurance deposit, what amount?

Yes you have to pay/hold on credit card insurance deposit. Usually its approx. 1000 EUR