Best destinations for motorcycle travelling in season 2018/2019

A legendary tour from Moscow to Vladivostok. 10,000 km, 25 days. You will see Red Square, Ural Mountains, Siberia, Lake Baikal and the Far East. Everyone should do it in their life at least once

Duration: 25 days
Price: 9 950
Closest date: 18 Aug — 11 Sep 2019

One-way tour. Don't miss your chance to ride one of the best tours you can have in Russia. Very few touristic places, lots of good secondary roads, highest mountains in Europe with fantastic serpentines, a variety of local food, drinks, cultures

Duration: 13 days
Price: 3 150
Closest date: 03 Sep — 15 Sep 2019

A legendary route. Almost 10,000 km, 25 days, 20 regions of Russia, two parts of the continent - Asia and Europe. You will see Far East, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Ural Mountains and Red Square. Amazing journey through the largest country in the world

Duration: 25 days
Price: 9 950
Closest date: 01 Aug — 25 Aug 2019

One-week trip around the Black Sea seaside is an ideal relaxation for those who got tired from big cities, traffic, routine and noise. Here you’ll get a boost of emotions and positive mood, and surely get more energy

Duration: 9 days
Price: 2 350
Closest date: 21 Sep — 29 Sep 2019

Take a motorcycle ride from the Central District of Russia to the Karelian tribes land

Duration: 14 days
Price: 3 750
Closest date: 03 Aug — 16 Aug 2019

Sochi – Adygea – Arhyz – Dombay – Elbrus. Most famous resorts in the Southern part of Russia. If you want ride picturesque roads and enjoy breathtaking scenery that’s what you need

Duration: 9 days
Price: 2 250
Closest date: 21 Sep — 29 Sep 2019

Altay Mountains are located in the heart of Siberia, together with the Chuya Highway they are Top-10 places on the Earth for motorcycle riding. If it was your long dream to ride in Siberia this tour is definitely one of the best ways to do it

Duration: 10 days
Price: 2 850
Closest date: 21 Jun — 30 Jun 2020

Three days, amazing secondary roads, new interesting places, beautiful architecture, museums, nature reserves, walks, tasty local food, cozy atmosphere – this is all about our journey to Tula and Ryazan districts

Duration: 3 days
Price: 850

Primorye - subtropical forests, sugarloaves and ocean bays with sandy beaches. This furthest district of Russia has a vast heritage of the past together with great ambitions for the future

Duration: 9 days
Price: 1 950
Closest date: 28 Aug — 05 Sep 2019

“Nomad’s trails” is an epic international expedition by Rusmototravel. It starts in Moscow, the heart of Russia, and going along Volga brings us to Caspian Sea. It continues in boundless Kazakh steppes and passes Altay mountains by legendary Chuya highway reaching no man’s lands of Mongolia. Riding through a breathtaking landscapes we reach Baikal lake - the pearl of Siberia. We continue to the Road of Bones to reach our ultimate goal – Magadan

Duration: 46 days
Price: 19 950
Closest date: 01 May — 15 Jun 2020

Asphalt and gravel roads, lakes and forests, Russian banya and fishing, picturesque villages with amazing cozy little house and low populated areas await You. Wild and beautiful nature and no traffic on the roads – what can be better than that?

Duration: 4 days
Price: 1 150
Closest date: 25 Jun — 28 Jun 2020

Fantastic mix of Altay Mountains, Mongolia steppes and landscapes, Lake Baikal nature and Trans-Siberian Route. Must ride adventure 

Duration: 20 days
Price: 7 950
Closest date: 01 Jul — 20 Jul 2020

Minimum federal highways, two ferry crossings and most picturesque cities of the Golden Ring (Suzdal/Yaroslavl). We know good and quite minor roads, as well as all authentic places on the way. Our groups are 6-8 riders tops, and you can join on your own bike or rent it with us.

Duration: 3 days
Price: 950
Closest date: 12 Jun — 14 Jun 2020

Vladivostok-Magadan tour down the famous Road of Bones. For experienced riders only. Tour with off road segments (70% asphalt, 30% gravel). Real challenge for real adventure riders. Limited availability for 2019 year. 6-8 bikes + support VAN

Duration: 15 days
Price: 6 250
Closest date: 01 Jul — 15 Jul 2020

“The Stans” is an ultimate international Expedition. The best of Central Asian republics of former USSR expose their beauty:  boundless Kazakh steppes, fruitful Uzbek valleys, breathtaking Tien Shan mountains and lakes of Kyrgyzstan. Legendary Pamir highway with plenty of passes at 4500 m. above the sea level goes through endemic cultures and Aryan people of Tadzhikistan

Duration: 45 days
Price: 18 950
Closest date: 01 Jun — 14 Jul 2022

Nickola-Lenivets – is an enormous park where contemporary art is introduced in the natural landscape. Here they have beautiful nature, architectural installations and plenty of gravel roads. Sharing BBQ and beer while sitting next to the fireplace is waiting for You. Spending a night in a tent under the sky full of stars is always a great idea

Duration: 3 day
Price: 850
Closest date: 26 Jul — 28 Jul 2019

Southern Russia tour where majestic Don river, small and cozy towns Elets and Zadonsk, staying in refurbished former nobility estate, swimming, BBQ and healthy sleep are waiting for You

Duration: 3 day
Price: 850
Closest date: 06 Sep — 08 Sep 2019

Ideal tour for the first visit to Russia. You will see both capitals of Russia, beautiful Moscow with the Red Square and Kremlin and fascinating St.Petersburg with Peterhof and Hermitage. Plus there will be plenty of small towns and villages, local cuisine and Russian nature

Duration: 10 days
Price: 2 950
Closest date: 05 Jun — 14 Jun 2020

We will visit a reserve-museum Borodino, Smolensk, Katyn’, Teneshava’s estate and Prezhivalskiy museum. Mostly secondary roads, lots of history and nice company await You

Duration: 3 days
Price: 850
Closest date: 23 Aug — 25 Aug 2019

Four days full of cultural program, beautiful secondary roads, ferry crossing over Oka river, Kremlin in Nizhniy Novgorod, cable-stayed bridge in Murom, Golden Gates in Vladimir and one of the highest bell towers in world placed in Shuya – it’s just a small part of what is waiting for us in this trip

Duration: 4 days
Price: 1 100

The Highest Mountain in Europe, the Largest Battle of the Second World War and a bit of Golden Ring. This tour offers you a unique chance to explore the best of the Southern Part of Russia. 

Duration: 14 days
Price: 3 950
Closest date: 01 Jun — 14 Jun 2020