Support vehicles

In our tours we use several types of support vehicles. Usually its either Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Toyota Hilux with a trailer. Which car depends on various factors, usually group size, tour difficulty, customers preferences.

When we need support car with a driver (not one of our guides, just a driver) we hire our friend NIkolay that recently purchased branded new GAZel next Van, its Russian analogue of MB Sprinter/Fiat Ducato. For many years Gaz cars had old design and were not very comfortable and reliable, but in recent times they were significantly upgraded and today its good substitute to Fiat, MB, Ford and other brands. We tried both, MB Sprinter and Gazel Next and they are same quality and comfort cars.

For most asphalted tours with big groups we use Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, picture below. There are standard and long modifications and we can vary which one we need depending on group size. 

When we travel to Magadan, other Altay Mountains, over Caucasus Mountains we most usually use Toyota Hilux or Toyota Land Cruiser 75 with a trailer, see cars pictures below. First one is Alex Nikonov car, second one is Alex Rubtsov car. In the trailer we keep extra bike, spare parts, sometimes luggage. This cars are also used when we have request for non-motorcycle riders or family members that still want to join the tour.