We will be glad to see you in our office at 1-st Borodinskaya street, 2A, Business Center Borodinskaya Panorama. Here we can always discuss tours and sights, latest news and most interesting destinations, share experience and emotions and drink cup of tea (please call in advance as we can be out of office)


Telephone: +7 (495) 664-58-46


Adress: Russia, Moscow, 1-st Borodinskaya street, 2A


Registration number at the Unite Federal Register of Tour Operators: PTO 019014

Degree of Financial Security: 500,000 RUB.

Means of Financial Security: Insurance contract of Civil Liability of Tour Operator #10067820032101902313 dated 03/29/2016

Validity of Financial Security: from 04/01/2016 till 03/31/2017

Name of organization granting Financial Security: BIN Strakhovanie OOO - 115088, Moscow, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Street, 4, building 1