Classic tours

The Highest Mountain in Europe, the Largest Battle of the Second World War and a bit of Golden Ring. This tour offers you a unique chance to explore the best of the Southern Part of Russia. 

Duration: 14 days
Price: 3 950
Closest date: 01 Jun — 14 Jun

Take a motorcycle ride from the Central District of Russia to the Karelian tribes land

Duration: 14 days
Price: 3 750
Closest date: 03 Aug — 16 Aug

One-way tour. Don't miss your chance to ride one of the best tours you can have in Russia. Very few touristic places, lots of good secondary roads, highest mountains in Europe with fantastic serpentines, a variety of local food, drinks, cultures

Duration: 13 days
Price: 3 150
Closest date: 14 May — 26 May

Ideal tour for the first visit to Russia. You will see both capitals of Russia, beautiful Moscow with the Red Square and Kremlin and fascinating St.Petersburg with Peterhof and Hermitage. Plus there will be plenty of small towns and villages, local cuisine and Russian nature

Duration: 10 days
Price: 2 750
Closest date: 01 Jun — 10 Jun

One-week trip around the Black Sea seaside is an ideal relaxation for those who got tired from big cities, traffic, routine and noise. Here you’ll get a boost of emotions and positive mood, and surely get more energy

Duration: 9 days
Price: 2 350
Closest date: 21 Sep — 29 Sep

Sochi – Adygea – Arhyz – Dombay – Elbrus. Most famous resorts in the Southern part of Russia. If you want ride picturesque roads and enjoy breathtaking scenery that’s what you need

Duration: 9 days
Price: 1 950
Closest date: 14 Sep — 22 Sep