Russia FIFA Cup 2018 - Bike rent/Motorcycle tour for Brazil football team fans

This year Russia will host FIFA Cup 2018. 32 team will visit Russia and play in 11 cities during June-July. Several days ago we announced that we'll propose possible motorcycle tours for football fans and motorcycle lovers from different countries. Today is first post devoted to Brazil team. 

Brazil plays in Rostov-on-Don, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. First city is located in the South part of Russia approx 1000 km from Moscow. What we suggest for Brazil football fans is to pick up bikes at Rostov and after first game start their tour with the following route It will be our classic Moscow-Saint-Petersburg tour with Rostov extra segment. In total its around 3000 km and 14-day tour through the central part of Russia with visiting both capital, beautiful Moscow and fascinating Saint-Petersburg. 

During such ride you will see Don river, one of the biggest in Russia, taste local southern food and try delicious beer. Then with secondary roads you will in 3-4 days return back to Moscow from where you will do our most famous and popular Moscow-Saint-Petersburg tour with slight variations because of football. Here how Moscow-Saint-Petersburg looks in origin, you will have 90% of it -



Games schedule for Brazil team during FIFA 2018 group games:

17th of June 2018. Rostov-on-Don. Brazil – Switzerland

22nd of June 2018. Saint-Petersburg. Brazil – Costa Rica

27th of June 2018. Moscow. Serbia – Brazil


Here is the possible itinerary

  • 15th of June. Arrival to Rostov, welcome dinner, kick off, getting bikes
  • 16th of June. Sightseeing tour around the city
  • 17th of June. Rostov, football game Brazil – Switzerland
  • 18th of June. Rostov-Voronezh, 550 km
  • 19th of June. Voronezh-Moscow, 500 km
  • 20th of June. Moscow-Valday, 420 km
  • 21st of June. Valday-Saint-Petersburg, 450 км
  • 22nd of June. Saint-Petersburg, football game Brazil – Costa Rica
  • 23rd of June. Saint-Petersburg sightseeing tour around the city
  • 24th of June. Saint-Petersburg-Pechory, 350 km
  • 25th of June. Pechory-Derbovezh, 370 km
  • 26th of June. Derbovezh-Moscow, 380 km
  • 27th of June. Moscow, football game Serbia – Brazil  
  • 28th of June. Moscow sightseeing tour around the city, farewell dinner
  • 29th of June. Departure home


Road are all paved, but we can advice gravel segments upon request. Landscape will be changing as you will move from the South regions to the North. Weather will be around +25 all the time. Price for the bike rent is 80-135 Euro, depends on bike and for how long you will rent it. 

If you have friends or group for such tour price per person for the group of 8 riders will be something around 5500 Euro (depends on bike, we have F700GS, F800GS, R1200GS, number of riders, etc)

This prices includes:

  1. Transfers to/from the airport
  2. Double room accommodation in 3-4* hotels with breakfasts
  3. Meals during the riding days
  4. Bike rent (BMW F700GS, F800GS or R1200GS, all bike equipped with top case and side panniers)
  5. Fuel
  6. Insurance
  7. Tour guiding (two guides on bike, support Van upon request)
  8. Full excursion program (Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, boat tour in Saint-Petersburg, visiting Hermitage, Peterhof and other places of interest along the way)
  9. Russian sauna, local vodka degustation, etc.
  10. Welcome dinner

Price does not include:

  1. Air tickets to Russia
  2. Dinners and alcohol
  3. Tickets to football games


What we suggest above is an example how possible tour for Brazil fans can look like. For sure it can be corrected upon your requests, it’s just our vision. If having a motorcycle tour during the FIFA Cup 2018 make sense for you please contact us at

If you have friends in Brazil that can be interested in such a tour please send him link to this post or share it in your social media.

Thank you very much for reading till the end and have a good day!