Russia FIFA Cup 2018 - Bike rent/Motorcycle tour across Russia for Spain Team

Spain team will play in Sochi, Kazan and Kaliningrad. First two cities are located in Russia, but last one, although Kaliningrad is a Russian city, is a piece of land in Baltics region separated from Russia by several European countries and 2000 km. So we propose for Spain fans to skip Kaliningrad (with bikes at least, it will be too big loop to ride to all cities or high price for shipping bikes back from Europe to Moscow, just fly by plane to Kaliningrad) and do Sochi-Moscow-Kazan 12-day bike tour. Or Moscow-Sochi-Kazan-Moscow tour that will be 4 days longer.

We will review shorter 12-day tour in this article and if you will be interested in full loop please write us we can give mo information upon request. 

For Sochi-Kazan-Moscow here is the route in google maps - You take airplane directly to Sochi where you pick up bikes and after several days in the city you have four days ride to Kazan. Route goes along the Volga River, one of the biggest in Europe, with interesting stops in Volgograd and Saratov. Volgograd is one of the Hero Cities of the Second World War, you will see Mamaev Kurgan and the Motherland statue located there. In Saratov will drink tasty local beer and in Kazan you will see marvelous white Kremlin. 



Kazan was previously the capital of the Tatars kingdom, but it was conquered in the 16th century by Russian tsar Ivan IV and today its one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. From there after football game with Iran you will head back to Moscow through several cities of the Golden Ring. You will see Nizhny Novgorod, Murom, Suzdal, Vladimir and finally Moscow. 

In Moscow we suggest to have a one day sightseeing tour and then depart to Kaliningrad. As an option you can visit Moscow before the bike trip when you arrive to Russia on the 13-14th of June.


Games schedule:

15th of June 2018. Sochi. Portugal-Spain

20th of June 2018. Kazan. Iran-Spain

25th of June 2018. Kaliningrad. Spain-Morocco


Proposed tour itinerary:

  • 13th of June. Sochi, arrival, transfer to the hotel, welcome dinner, kick off
  • 14th of June. Sochi, sightseeing tour around the city
  • 15th of June. Sochi, football Portugal-Spain
  • 16th of June. Sochi-Stavropol, 484 km
  • 17th of June. Stavropol-Volgograd, 563 km
  • 18th of June. Volgograd-Saratov, 380 km
  • 19th of June. Saratov-Kazan, 660 km
  • 20th of June. Kazan football Iran-Spain
  • 21st of June. Kazan-Nizhny Novgorod, 480 km
  • 22nd of June. Nizhny Novgorod-Moscow, 530 km
  • 23rd of June. Moscow, sightseeing tour around Moscow
  • 24th of June. Moscow-Kaliningrad by plane
  • 25th of June. Kaliningrad football Spain-Morocco

In total its 12-day motorcycle tour, 13-24th of June. Roads are paved, but as always we can add some gravel segments upon request. Sochi, Kazan and Moscow are extremely beautiful cities today, so you will definitely enjoy this route. Price per rider for guided tour for 8 people group will be around 4550-4950 Euro (depends on bike model, minimum price is for F700GS)


This prices includes:

  1. Transfers to/from the airport
  2. Double room accommodation in 3-4* hotels with breakfasts
  3. Meals during the riding days
  4. Bike rent (BMW F700GS, F800GS or R1200GS, all bike equipped with top case and side panniers)
  5. Fuel
  6. Insurance
  7. Tour guiding (two guides on bike, support Van upon request)
  8. Full excursion program
  9. Russian sauna, local vodka degustation, etc.
  10. Welcome dinner
  11. Visa support

Price does not include:

  1. Air tickets to Russia
  2. Dinners and alcohol
  3. Tickets to football games


Please be aware that it’s a preliminary route, for sure in can be updated/corrected upon your needs interests. Also you can use it for your private/solo ride, or self-guided tour, there is absolutely no problem with that.

Although it’s difficult, but still possible to ride to Kaliningrad with bikes as well. Or it can be Moscow-Sochi-Kazan-Moscow tour, starting in Moscow will add plus 4 days to total time.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions, we are eager to help you.