Report about Moscow - Saint-Petersburg tour with Patrick, Michaela,Erika and Yan

This summer we did plenty of Moscow-Saint-Petersburg tours. Riders from different countries participated, we had USA, Austria, South Africa, Italy. 

Below you can find report about second such tour, that we did this year. Initially there were 6 participants, but last week we got bad news, that a coup from Italy, who already confirmed their participation, they've got visas, bough airplane tickets, unfortunately due to health problems they come go to Russia. That was a pity, but we agreed they will come next year.

On the day one we made a stop in the morning at Red Square to take pictures. It was a bit cloudy, but still +20 and no rain. After we headed to Zvenigorod, small cozy city near Moscow where we had first coffee break. Weather was just perfect for riding, around +23. Not too warm and definitely not cold. After numerous villages and small towns we arrived to the first venue where we had a stop for sleep today. Owner of the hotel welcomed us with traditional Russian bread and homemade vodka. Its an old tradition in Russia to welcome most respected guests in this way.Tasty dinner and talks about Russia made this day.


Day two we enjoy +23-25 temperatures and sunny weather. Total riding distance was approx. 300 km for that day. After not very long riding we dropped the bikes and headed to excursion around the old village, that now is turned into a museum. In the evening we had Russian Banya (sauna) and local tea ceremony, very traditional way people washed themselves in ancient time in Russia and relaxed.

At day three we reached Saint-Petersburg, Norther capital of Russia. It was the longest riding day, around 500 km along picturesque places and roads. We made several stops in by the evening reach Saint-Petersburg. Dinner and small walking tour in the evening closed that day.

Next day was devoted to sightseeing around the city. It was our mistake this year, that we had just one day in Saint-Petersburg, but there are so many interesting places that sometime you must literary run to see them all. For next year we decided to add one more day for Saint-Petersburg, we hope if you visit us in 2018 and further you will enjoy that. Meanwhile our guys had to walk for 15-20 km during that day to see all interesting spots. We had local guide Anton, from our point of view one of the best guides in the city. We visited Hermitage, main Cathedrals, Neva street, had a boat tour in the evening. Be sure you have rain suits or take umbrella from reception if you fall into this situation.

On day five we left this beautiful city and headed to Valday National Part. We had a private eco hotel booked directly in the forest near the lake with home-made food and drinks. But before that we visited plenty of interesting places - for example Novgorod with excursion. In the evening was relaxing dinner near the lake with local beer and talks about Russia, history, culture and all other topics.

Next morning one of our guides decided to wake up early to have fishing, Nobody decided to follow him, so he did it alone...)) After breakfast we moved to Iversky Monastery and then straight to Moscow. It was rainy and our main goal was to reach Moscow as soon as possible. There was some traffic in the city, but guys got used with it during last days and it was easy challenge for them. 

Next days we had a walking tour over the Red Square, Kremlin, Underground and other places. And farewell dinner in the last day.

Trip went well, without any accidents and with lot of positive emotions.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you next time in Russia!