Last month’s there was almost no news from us...

Last month’s there was almost no news from us. The reason is very simple – we were very busy with new tours, bikes, team members. But last weekend’s there was a short pause when all bikes were rented by either FIFA fans or riders in the tours and we had time to write this post.

So, what happened in the life of Rusmototravel?

In spring we purchased 15 new bikes increasing our fleet to more than 20 bikes, all BMW 700GS, F800GS and R1200GS. All bikes are equipped with top cases and side panniers, navigation, high wind screens and protection. It was a big deal to finance sum fleet increase, register bikes with police, get insurance and prepare bikes for travelling.

Few weeks ago, we finish first of three 2018 Trans-Siberian Tours. It was Moscow-Vladivostok tour. By the way now return Vladivostok-Moscow tour is on the road, guys just recently passed lake Baikal and today had rest in Krasnoyarsk. We will write separate post about past tour with more info and photos soon.

During the spring we also strengthened our guides team, hiring new people and education and teaching existing team members. We had test ride, plenty of theory studying and some practical courses.

One more thing – we have rented one more garage box for our bikes and inside that new box we made small office and clients zone. In the previous garage its place for bikes and spare parts now. Tomorrow we are going to buy small freezer for col beer (to have after you finished the ride and dropped off bike in the office) and that will be it. Also, we added some riding gear to our wardrobe so that riders that visit Russia for a few days without riding gear can have more options in sizes and types of clothes.

It seems to be already plenty of news but that not all.

In spring we opened the season in Sochi on the 12th of April. Most people consider Russia to be cola and gloomy country with long winters and short riding season. In some way its true but we are not going to keep up with that. In the southern regions of Russia there is almost no winter, there are 3-4 cold months but in the rest months temperature is pretty comfortable to ride. We are talking now about Sochi region, Krasnodar Area, Crimea and Abkhazia.

In these places its summer 7-8 months and we tested this hypothesis this spring. We opened the season in on the 12th of April in Abkhazia, then we did Sochi-Elbrus and Sochi-Crimea tours. It was cool and in autumn we will repeat. We will move our bikes from Moscow to Sochi and prolong the season, doing in the end of September, during whole October and in the first half of November tour from Sochi to regions around.

These fall autumn tours are already available for booking, you can sign in here -

What else we did during last months?

We made a tour for one of the Indian motorcycle clubs that came to Russia for a Moscow-Saint-Petersburg tour. 22 people, 16 bikes + support VAN and few more cars. The largest group we ever had.

In the end of June, we hosted Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting Russia, which once again proved to be extremely in-demand event. More than 20 international rides and 30 local travelers gathered for 3-4 days at Valday National Park. Inspiring presentations, technical seminars and master classes, networking, new connections. All that was priceless for those who visit HU Russia 2018.

And we could not be away from the FIFA 2018 that is taking place in Russia today. From the beginning of the tournament more than half of bikes were rented by fans of different countries. We are happy to help riders from USA, Brazil, Sweden, Columbia, Argentine, Spain and other countries follow their national soccer teams and same time explore Russia with our bikes.

Three months without holiday and weekends. Three months flew by like three days.

Ahead of us there are new tours and adventures. In a week we start tour to Russian North – Karelia republic, after its Seliger-Valday tour, in the end of July and in August we do tours for big groups from Italy, Austria, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand. In the middle of July, we go to USA for the annual BMW MOA Rally, this time its Des Moines. Alex and Olesya, company founders, will do presentations about travelling by bike in Russia at this event.

Thank you for following us, for riding with us, taking our bikes for rent. We hope you enjoy our service and country we live in. Updated calendar with tours you can see here -

We with you good health, safe ride and exciting adventures.

See you soon!

Yours Rusmototravel Team