How we spend weekends around Moscow – ride to Lake Seliger and Valday National Park in late August

In August we organized motorcycle tour to Lake Seliger and Valday National Park. Interesting and partly off road trip around lakes and to Russian forests in Tver and Novgorod regions.

Tour was scheduled in the end of August and there were lot of riders interested in the beginning, but few days before the start most cancelled their bookings because of bad weather forecast – rain and pretty cold weather around +8-10 degrees was scheduled. But we said we will do this trip anyway, even if there would be just one rider. And actually we have got three guys that decided to ride. In the end of the tour we learned from them it was great experience to challenge yourself and do it. Despite the rain, despite any other obstacles.

Our guests in that tour were Evgenuy, Yuri and Vladimir. Evgenuy never had off road experience (he owns HD to ride home-work) and was interested to ride some gravel unpaved roads. Yuri was interested to slightly improve his riding skills before planned motorcycle trip in Crimea. Vladimir was most experienced among all of us and wanted just to relax and have a fun weekends in a company of other riders.



So the trip has begun on Friday 25th of August. From the early morning it was cloudy and rainy. Sun appeared only for short periods of time. After several rainy days’ usual gravel road from Seliger to Valday became real off road challenge. It’s not long segment, around 70-100 km and in dry weather it’s nice to ride it, but during the rain it was something new for most of the group. Boys did it and what a pleasure it was to go to Russian sauna and have a cold beer after in Valday.

In other day they also visited Nilova Pustin – monastery and very religious place at the Seliger Lake. That day in the evening they tasted local fish and fresh beer. Below you can see some pictures from that trip. Next season we are doing several more such tours, and be aware, that at least one of the we will do with tents! So if you will be in Russia with even a short vacation don’t miss your chance to rent a bike with us and do this trip. We can give you riding gear and provide all other services, such as LOI, transfers to the airport and back, etc.

You can see tour description and book this tour here