A group of Italian bikers visited Russia once again

This year we had a privilege to welcome in Russia second year in a row big group of Italian bikers. 17 people came to Russia with their own bikes directly from Italy to see both Russian capitals, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, and enjoy majestic Karelia nature.

Italian usually have long vacations in August so not surprisingly they came in that month. On the 7th of August from afternoon we were waiting for them at the Latvian border. Unfortunately, it took a lot of time for a big group to pass the border, but in the end, after 4-5 hours, they have got into Russia.

For the first stop in Russia we selected Derbovezh hotel, a lovely place that is located just in the middle between border and Moscow. Few beers and dinner brought relaxation to guys who did long trip from Italy to Russia. 

Next day we headed to Moscow. There were several stops during the day in small villages and places of interest. As we reached Moscow we moved to the Russian beer restaurant. Next days we walked around Moscow - there were excursions to Kremlin, Red Square, Sparrow Hills, Moscow Underground, to several museums, central park, main walking streets and shopping malls. Guys had some free time to relax. 


Approx. on day 5 we started our ride to Saint-Petersburg, In two days we reached the North Capital of Russia, the Venice of the North as many people name this city because of more than hundred canels and bridges. Saint-Petersburg is a place where you can easily spend 3-4 days but we had no such privilege. Dont forget that guys were returning back to Italy with their bikes so it was just one day for the city tour. Hermitage, Palace Square, Neva river boat tour, walking over the center of the city visiting main cathedrals made this day. In the evening we had another "excursion" - we had dinner at the Vodka Museum. Its one of the best places to try different types of vodka - original, flavored, home-made moonshine, etc, traditional snack and side dishes for it. Plus, live music from USSR times. Vodka degustation is fun and sometimes a bit "dangerous" occupation because it can extend to night club dancing, karaoke, shisha lounge, etc. 

Next morning, we headed to Karelia - region to the North from Saint-Petersburg with fascineting wild nature, local cuisine with fish mainly, drink and many lakes and rivers. From ancient times this territories were popular with monks who tried to escape big cities full of sins and were looking for quiet, not much inhabited land. Karelia with its several climate, same as in Scandinavia countries, was perfect choice. 

So we stopped by the Ladoga lake in a wooden country house hotel. There was Russian banya (sauna), that is a must try thing if you visit Russia. It’s totally different from most people expect and from traditional Finnish sauna or Turkish hamam. It was our last night in Russia so we prepared a farewell dinner for guys - river fish, local liqueurs and snacks. Eight days in Russia run our so fast.

Next morning we escorted group to the border and returned back to Moscow. It was a nice trip, thank you guys for coming, hope to see your friends in Russia next year!


Below you can find pictures from that trip. If you want to have a private tour please contact us at info@rusmototravel.com and we will advise you in next steps.