Vladivostok - Moscow, return trip over the Trans-Siberian route

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A legendary route. Almost 10,000 km, 29 days, 20 regions of Russia, two parts of the continent - Asia and Europe. You will see Far East, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Ural Mountains and Red Square. Amazing journey through the largest country in the world

Transsiberian by Motorcycle

Return tour from Vladivostok to Moscow. 

  • Tour dates – 17th of June and 18th of August (Sold out)
  • Duration –  29 days 
  • Total mileage – approx. 10,000 km
  • 95% asphalt roads
  • Price – 9950 EUR (includes BMW F700/F800GS)
  • Extra charge for R1200GS - 750 EUR
  • Price if you ride your own bike – 6500 EUR  
  • Price for the passenger – 6500 EUR
  • The price includes:
    • Motorcycle rental (BMW F800GS) with GPS Navigation
    • Gasoline
    • Accommodation in 2-4* hotels (single room)
    • English-speaking guide on a motorcycle
    • Breakfasts
    • Cultural program with Russian baths, BBQ, Trans-Siberian Train Express, local guides, excursions
    • Visa assistance
    • Support VAN for big groups
  • The price doesn’t include:
    • Dinners and alcohol
    • Visa fee and medical insurance
    • All other expenses not listed above

Route: where we would go

Vladivostok – Khabarovsk – Blagoveshchensk – Yerofey Pavlovich – Chita – Ulan-Ude – Lake Baikal – Tulun – Krasnoyarsk – Kemerovo – Novosibirsk – Omsk – Tyumen – Ekaterinburg – Kazan – Moscow 

Day 1

Arriving to Vladivostok

Transfer to the hotel and kick off meeting. We will brief you with the details, an itinerary, and give some advice about rules and customs in Russia. You will receive bikes and can make some final preparations.

After that we go for a dinner to the local seafood restaurant. We promise you will enjoy crab and other seafood from the Pacific Sea.  

Day 2


In the morning we go for ф city tour. We will see a Sea port, an embankment, Bridge to the Russkiy Island, local pedestrian street and many other interesting places. This day we also change cash, buy local sim cards, prepare bikes, buy rain suits and other staff if you forgot something.

Day 3


One more day in the city. We ride to Russky Island and other places of interest and make final preparations before the ride.  

Day 4

Vladivostok – Khabarovsk, 750 km

Khabarovsk is probably the most beautiful city in the Asian part of the Trans-Siberian route. The Amur River is wide here, hills are beautiful, plentiful of forests. The city has lots of Chinese markets and restaurants, and we have a chance to try it.The city is located at the southern extremity of the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula and surrounded by the sea from three sides.


Day 5

Khabarovsk – Blagoveshchensk,  700 km

Blagoveshchensk is the 5th biggest city in the Far East. It was established in the middle of 19th century to guard the borders of the Russian Empire. The Amur River is a borderline between Russia and China. Locals often visit China to drink Chinese beer, buy souvenirs and have a nice lunch. The journey to China takes only half an hour.

Day 6

Blagoveshchensk – Yerofey Pavlovich, 560 km

The town is called after the famous Russian entrepreneur, traveler, and explorer Yerofey Pavlovich. In the 17th century he charted the Amur River and built a fortress somewhere nearby. Unfortunately it didn’t preserve.

Day 7

Yerofey Pavlovich – Chita,780 km

Chita is the city where the Decembrists were sent after they tried to make an uprising in 1825. The city has a Museum of the Decembrists.

Day 8


Rest day in Chita. This city was a place where the Decembrists were sent after they tried to make an uprising in 1825. The city has a Museum of the Decembrists.

Day 9

Chita – Ulan-Ude, 640 km

A long time ago Ulan-Ude was a Mongolian city, now it’s Russian one. Lots of nationalities live here: Buryats, Barguzin Jews, Evenks, Mestizo. There are many Buddhist temples in the city. In the restaurants we have a chance to try the traditional local food and Baikal omul.

Day 10

Ulan-Ude – Lake Baikal, 540 km

The road goes along the Baikal shore. Today you will see the bigest and one of the most purest lakes in the world

Day 11

Listvyanka, rest on the Baikal

After breakfast we have a walk on the embankment and visit the main market, where you can buy souvenirs and taste the legendary Baikal fish called omul. Then we use the cableway to get to the Cherskogo Peak, where we have a chance to see the Baikal from the height of 728 m. After lunch in Listvyanka, we go to the nerpa show. Nerpa is a freshwater seal, very friendly and easy-to-train animal. At the end of the day we have a dinner in the hotel.

Day 12

Listvyanka, rest on the Baikal

Today we have railway ride over the segment of the Trans-Siberian Railwa, its actually its most complicated segment that runs right along the lake shore. 

Day 13

Listvyanka – Tulun, 450 km

Road to Tulun through many small villages and stops. Among most interesting places we are going to see is Taishet bike guesthouse with Igor Shalygin. We spend a night in Tulun in a country hotel with Russian banya (sauna) on the banks of the river.

Day 14

Tulun – Krasnoyarsk, 650 km

Krasnoyarsk is situated on the Yenisei River, one of the biggest rivers in the world. In the evening we walk around the center and have a dinner in local restaurant with early go for sleep. Tomorrow will be a long walking day.

Day 15


Today we serve bikes, take some rest and visit Krasnoyarsk National Park "Stolby", a place where you will see taiga nature. It will be at least a half day walk with climbing hills and mountains. After that we can have a walking tour over the city or take some rest. In the evening we have dinner in a cozy restaurant with local food

Day 16

Krasnoyarsk – Kemerovo, 540 km

Today we stay for a night in Kemerovo. It is the industrial city, although it is tidy and quiet. In the city center, we will see a beautiful embankment of the Tom River and lots of monuments.

Day 17

Kemerovo – Novosibirsk, 300 km

We have a peaceful and beautiful road to Novosibirsk, the biggest city on the Trans-Siberian route. Today this is the 3rd largest city in Russia, a cultural and scientific capital of Siberia. We have a walk in the city center and rest after a long trip.

Day 18


We continue exploring Novosibirsk, have a walk on the Mikhaylovskaya embankment of the Ob River, in the city park, and we will see the old part of the bridge which was the first railway bridge on the Trans-Siberian route. A metro-bridge, a longest in the world, is situated nearby. If you wish, we can also visit some interesting places not far from the city, e.g. Russian Railways Museum, Park near Obskoye, Novosibirsk Academgorodok (the very heart of the science in the region), and ride to the dam on the Novosibirskaya hydropower plant.

Day 19

Novosibirsk – Omsk, 650 km

A calm road to Omsk is waiting for us today. On our way we visit Ishim, the small city which preserved the ancient architecture of the 19th century. In Omsk we have a walking tour over the city and visit main places of interest.

Day 20

Omsk – Тyumen, 630 km

We arrive at the city in the evening. We check in, leave the bikes in the parking lot and explore Tyumen by foot. Have a walk on the embankment and the pedestrian bridge over the Tura River, and visit Znamenskiy Cathedral. We also bath in the hot springs in the city center and then have a dinner in a restaurant nearby.

Day 21

Tyumen – Yekaterinburg, 450 km

Today we go north towards Yekaterinburg. We pass the town of Karabash with its Martian scenery, hills, and ditches, and the town of Kyshtym, a small town surrounded by rocky mountains and blue lakes.

We stop in Yekaterinburg, have a lunch and a walk around the city. We will see 1905 Square, Oktyabrskaya Square, Church on the Blood, Historical Square, Garden of Stones, and the Obelisk at the border between Europe and Asia.

Then we go to Lake Turgoyak, a pearl of the Chelyabinsk area. We will stand for the night in the hotel near the lake and spend the next day here.

Day 22


Day off in Yekaterinburg. We sleep well, have some free time in the morning and in the second half of the day we take a local guide and walk around the city. We will see 1905 Square, Oktyabrskaya Square, Church on the Blood, Historical Square, Garden of Stones, and the Obelisk at the border between Europe and Asia

Day 23

Yekaterinburg – Izvhevsk, 780 km

It will be a long riding day with lots of picturesque roads, oil production plants, farm fields of Perm region, second breakfast from local food store, forest berries, apples and other fruits and finally shot of vodka in Izvhevsk. Its a place where famous AK-47 are produced. We will visit armory museum and shooting range where you will try AK-47 on your own. After we go to very local home style hotel with  interesting and delicious regional food.

Day 24

Izvhevsk – Kazan, 350 km

With good secondary roads and small off road segment we will reach today Kazan, the muslim capital of Russia and probably one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. We will visit the Kazan Kremlin, Russia's second largest Kremlin after Moscow. Its origins date back to the 10th century. In the evening we will have a delicious dinner with local food.

Day 25

Kazan - Nizhny Novgorod,  460 km

One of the last riding days. On our way we stop at Kozmodemyansk to visit local etnographic museum. In Nizhny Novgorod we will stop in the city center near the Volga embankment and Novgorod Kremlin.

Day 26

Niznhny Novgorod – Moscow, 550 km

Today through Vladimir and Suzdal we ride to Moscow. In Vladimir we will make a stop to see the Dormition (Assumption) Cathedral, a great architectural wonder of the 12th century.

Day 27


A sightseeing tour through Moscow: visiting the Red Square, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Kremlin, Moscow subway (sometimes called "the underground museum"), Arbat Street (often called "Old Arbat"), and other attractions.

Day 28


One more day we spend in the capital of Russia.There are still plenty of interesting places to visit. There are beautiful museums, cathedrals, central Gorky Park, local market, the Sparrow Hills with probably best view of the city and Night Wolves motorcycle clubhouse. You must see it with your own eyes. At the end of the day you will enjoy a memorable farewell dinner.

Day 29

Moscow, departure home

Today is the last day in Moscow. Depending on your departure time, in the morning we can visit some more interesting places in Moscow or just help you with buying souvenirs. After check-out from the hotel our transfer will bring you to the airport.


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