Motorcycle tour from Moscow to Sevastopol

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At the beginning of autumn we offer you one way tour to Crimea through the Republic of Adygea. Along the way we are going to visit small towns and villages, try local food, enjoy beautiful roads. In Crimea we are going to swim in Black sea and ride over beautiful serpentine roads to the mountains.

One way motorcycle tour from Moscow to Crimea, Red Square - Sevastopol

  • We are starting on 2nd of September
  • Duration – 14 days
  • Total mileage – 3000 km
  • 90% of the roads are asphalt, 10% of the roads are unpaved
  • Price for the rider – 3250 EUR
  • Price for the passenger – 1650 EUR
  • Single room supplement – 450 EUR

Price includes:

  • Motorcycle rental + fuel
  • Accommodation in 3-4* hotels (based on sharing a double / twin room)
  • English-speaking guide on a motorcycle + support VAN for big groups
  • Breakfast + lunch
  • Entrance fees to main attractions (museums, Russian sauna, wine testing, etc.)
  • Visa support

Not included in the tour price:

  • Air tickets to Russia
  • Dinners
  • Visa counsel fee and personal medical insurance 

Route: where we would go

Moscow – Tula – Voronezh – Rostov-on-Don – Adygea – Gelendzhik – Kerch – Sudak – Sevastopol

Day 1

Arriving in Moscow

Today you arrive in Moscow. We will take care of the transfer to the hotel in the city center. After some rest, there will be a kick off meeting regarding the tour. We will brief you on the details, an itinerary, and give some advice about rules and customs in Russia.

After the kick off we will go for a walk and explore Moscow, as well as have a dinner in a nice restaurant near Kremlin with the Russian cuisine.

Day 2


This day we have an excursion around the city. Starting with Kremlin and Red Square, we will see GUM (The main shopping mall) and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Later on we will explore the subway (Metro) and have a walk on Arbat, which is the most famous pedestrian street in Moscow, where you can buy authentic Russian souvenirs.

Day 3

Moscow  – Tula – Voronezh, 500 km

We start our trip to Crimea. Our first stop is Tula, where we will attend State Arms Museum and the museum-estate Yasnaya Polyana, a place where Leo Tolstoy was born, grew up and was buried. In Yasnaya Polyana, Leo Tolstoy wrote his most famous works: "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina". We will visit the grave of the great Russian writer and take a walk along the paths where he walked once.

Next stop is Elets, ancient Russian city, famous for its 33 monasteries and hard struggles during the second world war.

After lunch we leave for Voronezh. The city recently celebrated its 425th anniversary. It is considered to be motherland of Russia Navy and Air forces. The first Russian ship was built here by Peter the Great in the year of 1700. And here Russian tester L.G. Minov made his first jump with a parachute from the plane in 1930th.

Leaving our motorbikes behind we will go for a walk around the city, visit the Annunciation Cathedral, then go down towards the Admiralty Square, and have dinner on the wharf. Voronezh today is the center of meat production in Russia, so for dinner we will have the best Russian steak.

Day 4

Voronezh – Novocherkassk, 540 km

This day you will see Divnogirie, a wonderful place that has everything the southern forest-steppe are famous for: striking blue rivers, green floodplain meadows, pristine white chalk cliffs, and silver feather grass steppes. In the midst of this landscape there are vertical chalk pillars called divas (named the whole area Divnogorie) piercing the sky, and on the river’s steep slopes dark entrances of human-made caves can be seen.

In the afternoon of the same day we arrive in Novocherkassk, the chief town of Don Cossacks (Cossacks who settled along the middle and lower Don). Here we will visit the Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks, the Ataman Palace, the third largest Ascension Cathedral in Russia (Voznesensky Sobor). At the city market of Azov we will buy homemade Don wines.

Day 5

Novocherkassk – Dakhovsky Sloboda, 400 km

In the morning we leave for Adygea. Russia's mountain region of Adygea is located in the valley of the rivers Kuban and Laba near the Azov and Black Seas. Endless meadows, beautiful snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, chic waterfalls and numerous caves await us.

Adygea is famous for its mild climate, mineral springs and clean air of protected natural areas never touched by civilization. This place will meet the most demanding requirements of man who prefers to spend a vacation alone with nature. 

On our way we will visit the famous Rufabgo waterfalls and the observation platform overlooking the Lago-Naki plateau.

We will pass through Maykop, where we will see the Grand Mosque. Then we will go to the tourist complex "Dakhovsky Sloboda" located in a picturesque corner of the Republic of Adygea. Here we will stop for the night. A very delicious local cuisine awaits us: chetlibzh (fried chicken), cheptsgezhag (roast leg of lamb), chetgazhag kartof heleu (fried chicken with potatoes), kabaskel (vegetable stew), and, of course, schalyam (delicious donuts) and excellent Adyghe herbal tea.

Day 6

Dakhovsky Sloboda

Today we take the day off from the road and spend all day in the mountains. We will have a walks and horseback rides, see the waterfalls and thermal and mineral springs. For dinner we will have lamb dish cooked on the open fire – this is the must-have of Adyghe cuisine.

Day 7

Maykop – Gelendzhik, 310 km

250 km of perfect serpentine roads are waiting for us today. In the morning we will leave the Adygea Republic and continue our way to Crimea through the southern part of Krasnodar region. During the day we are going to visit several interesting places and finally we will reach Gelendzhik, our final destination point for today.

The city is located in a bay with two capes on the left and right sides of the bay. The population is just approx. 70,000 people. Here we are going to walk over this small city, taste local food, and have some rest.

Day 8

Gelendzhik – Kerch, 220 km

Today we will continue our way over the Black sea coast, passing Novorossiysk, one of the largest Russian ports, Anapa, USSR most famous sea resort, and Taman Peninsula to reach the ferry to Crimea.

Our first stop in Crimea is Kerch. Founded 2 600 years ago as an ancient Greek colony, Kerch is considered to be one of the most ancient cities in Crimea. The city and area around have some impressive architectural and historical monuments and several mud-cure spots.

Day 9

Kerch – Sudak, 200 km

In the morning we will ride over to Sudak, where we stay for the night. Sudak is a great opportunity to enjoy sand beaches, visit old city fortress, a unique fortification facility located on the territory of 30 ha. For many hundred years it was protecting the city from alien forces. In the evening we try local Champaign from the Russian emperor's wine house “Noviy Svet”. It was established in 1878 by prince Lev Golitsin. Wine production made according to the old French technology, every bottle is manually placed into the basement warehouse.

Day 10

Sudak – Sevastopol, 220 km

In the morning we have one more sunbathing and swimming session, and after a brunch we leave to Sevastopol. There will be a long serpentine road today with many turns and nice view spots. In the evening, tired but happy, we will enjoy a delicious dinner in Sevastopol.

Day 11

Sevastopol – Orlinoe – Chufut Kale, 200 km

In the first half of the day we will travel to the Orlinoe village, located in the center of the peninsula and surrounded by mountains. In Orlinoe we will visit local biker for a coffee break, traditional Russian tea degustation and soulful conversation.

After that we are going further to Chufut-Kale, a medieval city in the Bahchisaray region located on the top of the mountains. Scientists say that the city dates back to the 5-6th century. When we reach the city you will see the picturesque scenery of the island with breathtaking view spots.  And also you will feel the spirit of this place, so unique and so marvelous.

Day 12

Sevastopol – Ai-Petry - Yalta, 200 km

This day we will devote to Ai-Petri, one of the highest and probably most beautiful mountains of Crimea Peninsula. Road to Ai-Petri will take approx. 2 hours and that will be a real adventure due to a variety of turns and serpentines. On a massive plateau on the top of Ai-Petry we will make a short break to have some rest and drink local tea before taking a walking tour to the scallops through the ancient forest. The Ai-Petri scallops consist of 4-5 large (60-80 meters high) and several small, that appeared because of the wind and weak special surface. On the top you will be able to walk over the off-the-ground bridge at the height of 100 meters. A real challenge for strong people.

After Ai-Petri we go to Yalta – the cultural center of Crimea. There we will have dinner on the central city embankment and listen to the live music played in the restaurant and on the embankment.

Day 13

Sevastopol, 100 km

Today we are going to have a private boat tour to the Sea to see beautiful bays, swim, have some fishing or just relax on the board of the private yacht. In the afternoon we are going to visit some memorable places of the Second World War.

Sevastopol is a home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which is why it was considered as a separate city in Crimea of significant military importance and was therefore a closed city.

Day 14

Departing home

Today is your last day in Russia. After check-out from the hotel our transfer will bring you to the airport.

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