BMW F800GS is the most universal bike, that can help you in any situation. Doesn't matter where you want to go, Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, Golden Ring, Trans-Siberian Road, Magadan, Karelia, Altay Mountains, Old Summer Road or BAM - you can rely on this bike in every situation.

Its a bit cheaper than R1200GS but have more than enough power. And it has great suspension and R21 front wheel that can help you pass most road inequalities travelling in Russia. Another big advantage of this bike - his weight. Its not very light, but its lighter that heavy R1200GS, especially in Adventure modification and with 3 trunks.

We have plenty of F800GS in our park, most of them are for Moscow-Vladivostok Tour, but you can also rent this bike for any other tour or for a self-guided tour, there is no problem with that. Just give us a call or write in advance.

All motorcycles are equipped with trunks and protection. Navigation system can be provided by request

100-125 Euro per day, deposit 1200 Euro