1st Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting - ONE MONTH LEFT

It’s just a little more than one month left before 1st Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting that we will host in Valday National Park. Our venue is Valday Eco Club Hotel, which is conveniently located on the shores of the Boroe Lake. Location is just between two Russia capitals, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and its easily accessible for all European travelers, doesn’t matter if you enter Russia from Finland, Estonia, Latvia or Ukraine.

This event is great opportunity for all who interested in Russia to meet local riders and get most reliable information about the largest county in the world. Roads, places of interest, local contacts – you will get all this there.

We devote a lot of time into this event organization. There will be best speakers that will tell you about their experience of travelling to Magadan, over the Trans-Siberian route and definitely over the central part of Russia and such areas and cities as Volgograd, Samara, along the Volga River, over Karelia republic to Murmansk, over the southern cities such as Sochi or Crimea Peninsula and many more.

During the day we prepared very interesting daily routes for you, both paved and unpaved. We will visit old monasteries and small Russian villages, Lake Seliger and Novgorod City. In the evening we will see professional movies that were made last by Russian travelers about their trips to Magadan and Vladivostok. We will cook Russian BBQ and you will try Russian Banya (sauna) with swimming in the lake after. And definitely you will try all other variations of Russian cuisine, local beer and vodka (but just a little bit, this meeting is not about drinking).

At the moment we have already approx. 20 people signed in for this event, including travelers from UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and some other countries. We expect that total number of guests will be approx. 30-40 people and it will be a really friendly meeting where everyone will meet new friends.

You can register for the event at Horizons Unlimited web page at http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/events/russia-2017 or write us at info@rusmototravel.com

Registration fee is 75 EUR at the moment. At venue it will be 85 EUR. For all registered guests we provide LOI so that you can obtain Russia visa for one month, so after the event you can stay in the country and explore a bit more on your own.

If you want to come but don’t have enough time for riding to Russia we can give you bikes for rent in Moscow, so you can fly and take our bike for 3-7 days, may be more.

Looking forward to see you guys!